Mystery Wire

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Mystery Wire

Post by dmshar5 »

My 2017 Roughhouse Sport has a wire in the wiring harness that I can’t figure out. I know the positive and negative wires, but There is a thinner single wire with green insulation and a black stripe on it. The wire was not attached to anything and there was nothing attached to the end, just bare copper wire. I checked the wiring diagram, but could not identify the wire. Does anyone know what this wire is and what if anything it is supposed to be attached to.
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Post by Stanza »

It's an appendix.

That's the leftover wire for the sidestand kill switch, which Roughhouses in the US don't have. Tape it off, tuck it out of the way, and grab an iced tea.
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Not to revive a dead thread, but I had the same question: mystery green wire with black stripe tracer on 2018 Roughhouse 50. Exposed copper wire on the end. Normally a dangling exposed wire would be really bad and a guarantee of a short circuit or some key feature not working like it should. No such wire in the PGO/Roughhouse wiring diagram either! What's with that?! I'd have gone crazy trying to trace the wire or figure out what knocked it loose. Was it when I installed the battery tender? And why didn't the dealer catch it last week at my annual service? Etc. ...

This website probably just saved me from the loony bin. I owe you one!

--The J-Man
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