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Long Beard
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Not starting

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Be kind.

New to Stella. I have a 2012 4T
I thought I would just adjust a few things.
I wanted to check the spark plug. Everything seemed fine, so I put that back in.
I fumbled for a bit with the clutch cable but managed to adjust it fine.

I put everything back together.
The electric start that was working fine, does nothing now.
I try to kick start and mostly the kick doesn't move. Sometimes it'll give, but not really (relax I"m not dumb enough to force it).

What happened? I don't feel like I did anything that would cause it to not start, but that's where I"m at.
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Does it rock back and forth? It isn't stuck in gear is it, that would explain if the kick starter wouldn't depress?

The de-clutch switch can prevent starting with the electric start.
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