Sito Plus and carb jetting

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Nola Stella
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Sito Plus and carb jetting

Post by Nola Stella »

Hey folks I am thinking about putting a sito + on my stella and was wondering if I have to re-jet the carb?? One friend says no the other says yes... any info is greatly appreciated...
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Post by Lokky »

yes you will definitely need to rejet.
I did mine in march of this year as the weather was starting to get warmer.
Initially jetted to 103, this worked great at first but as things got more humid as summer approached it turned out to be too rich so we downjetted to a 100.
As things cool down again I will be keeping a close look on my plug to ensure I do not run lean, may go up to a 101 or 102 just for the winter.

If you do not rejet at all you will run way too lean and seize your engine.
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Post by illnoise »

maybe this will help:

just a list of what other people are using… There are probably some Stellas with Sitos on there.
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Post by gtsteve »

Hey Nola Stella,

I usually upjet 2-4 points from stock, doing a plug chop to be sure it's not running too lean. Here at 1000 feet above sea level, it ends up being 98-100 main jet.

That same jetting would be lean at sea level, where air density is greater. I'd estimate 102-104 main jet for a Sito+ exhaust in NOLA. I'm sure the nice folks at the Scoot Coop could also steer you in the right direction.
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Post by neotrotsky »

The only problem I have with the tables (not the site itself, they're great!!) is that they don't give you location or altitude. That plays a critical role in the jetting of 2-strokes
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Post by BuddyRaton »

Yes you need to rejet.

If you need help.....and even if you don't...get in touch with the Scooter Trash at the NOLA Scooter Cooperative

Good bunch of scooter heads that like to help.Tell Gonzo that John with the Rat GT says hey!
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Post by thumbuddy »

I hope to be getting a Sito+ for my 09 Stella for Christmas. I am in NJ and operate between approx 70' (Cranford) to 700' (Cranberry Lake)elevation. How the heck can I determine the correct re-jet size. Anyone have any experience with Scooters Originali in Orange, NJ. I was thinking about having them re-jet for me. Any help appreciated.
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Sito Plus Installed... A few questions

Post by tigjimmy »

I just got around to installing a Sito Plus on my 2008 Stella 2T. Like most everyone has said, it makes a big difference from stock as far as acceleration, sound (different sound and a bit louder) and top-end speed (I get about 5 - 8 mph more it seems). I put in a 104 jet based upon the recommendation of my local scooter shop and it seems to be running well.

My questions are:
- From what everyone else posted, 104 seems to be on the high end. If it is too high, am I just running the risk of gumming up my plug but nothing more severe?
- My other question is (and I've kind of always wondered this), is it ok to run my scooter flat out for an extended period of time? I have 6k miles on it and they've almost all been driving to and from work which is typically a stop and go commute. Curious if a scooter is made to run flat out for an hour or two or if I should stay below max?

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Post by youkiddin »

104 may or may not be too big , you have to check the plug to see. i'm on a 109 with a sito+. it's better to be alittle bit over jetted than to be to small and burn the thing down. If your going to ride it wide open you may want to look at a cylinder head temp gauge.
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