Lowered stock seat - Buddy 50

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Lowered stock seat - Buddy 50

Post by thatvwbusguy »

Like many vertically challenged people, my wife was having some trouble reaching the ground when riding her Buddy 50. At just a hair over 5' tall, she was on her tiptoes at stop signs etc. I checked out the PGO lowered seat, but thought it would be worth trying to remove some foam from the stock seat before plunking down $100+ for something built on the same seat base.

Using this post from the technical library as a guide: topic6243.html I pulled the seat cover about 3/4 of the way off and went to work. I chose to extend the cut back to about 3" from the seam in the seat and to follow the same basic curve as the stitched seam.

Here is a photo of the final result after about an hour of work:

The results are actually better than I expected. My wife's feet are now almost flat on the ground and the difference in seat comfort after removing about an inch of foam is not even noticeable.
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Looks good! If you ever find the seat too firm with the foam shaved down, there's always the low profile seat in the thread Buddy Low Pro Seat (Delivered/Pics). We have the PGO low profile seat on our Buddy, my GF is 5'3", she can flat foot it now, and we've both found it to have a better posture. Let us know how the shaved seat works out, though. It's very clean looking. 8)
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