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cvt belt

Post by teamhurst »

How hard is it to replace the belt. Just hit the 4000 mile mark on my 07
Has anyone done this?
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Post by babblefish »

The thread below is for the installation of a Dr Pulley variator which covers 95% of what is required to change the belt. The hardest part is getting the variator nut off if you don't have access to an impact driver, air or electric. If you do use one, be sure to use a 6-sided socket and not a 12-sided one. It would be best to use a socket intended for impact driver use as a standard socket can shatter with the impact forces. Impact sockets are always black in color. It can be done without one, but be carefull to not damage the fins on the variator plate. There are numerous YouTube videos on how to do this.
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