Genuine Roughouse 50 Electric Starter Issues

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Genuine Roughouse 50 Electric Starter Issues

Post by andrewoloffson »

My scooter won't start with the electric switch, however, it does kick start. When riding I noticed the turn signals would not work, but the speedometer, headlight and rear brake ligiht would. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? Battery? This happened a few weeks ago, but the problem went away.
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Post by avescoots1134 »

Sure sounds like a battery or main fuse to me.

A few things like your headlight and running light are powered by your engine.

An easy test is to turn the key on and pull on a brake lever. If the brake light doesn't light up, you either have a bad battery or a bad fuse (the one right next to your battery)
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Post by agrogod »

As stated above it sure does seem like a battery issue. Try charging it first to see if that helps correct the problem. If it doesn't a new battery will most likely be needed.
Depending on how far you ride, your battery may not be getting enough of a replenish from the charging system, this will happen on short rides if you use the starter to much.
Try to use a mix of electric and kick starting for those shorter rides.
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Post by SuperCyclone.81 »

^ +1 to that. Also, another thing you can do it buy a battery tender. ... 0-75a.html

This one is our favorite at MopedU, its small enough that it won't hurt your battery if you leave it hooked up for extended amounts of time. It also comes with battery leads that you can leave hooked up to your battery on the scooter and then just plug into the charger whenever you get back to your place.
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Post by aruthey »

I have a Genuine Roughhouse 50 and my electric starter also doesn't work. Neither do any of the lights, the turn signals, the horn, and for some reason the gas gauge. Is this a battery problem or a fuse problem and is this an easy fix??

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Post by Stitch »

That sounds like the main fuse. Even with a dead battery all the lights should work once you kickstart it.
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