Natchez trace parkway

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Natchez trace parkway

Post by Rocky69 »

Just wandering if anyone has rode from Nashville to Natchez .I presently ride a Honda sh150i scooter and I am interested in purchasing a buddy 125 in the next future. I am 67 and my wife will follow pulling a small trailer. She doesn't ride anymore..this trip seems ideal for small scooters.any info on this trip would be greatly appreciated.I planning on taking my time as I want to see everything the Natchez trace has to offer
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Post by az_slynch »


I recall seeing a a narrative a few years back where someone rode the Trace on a 50cc Ruckus. They rode and camped with little difficulty. It looks like a fantastic route!

Keep in mind that there aren't any services along the Trace itself. Your SH should have better range than the Ruckus did, but plan your stops accordingly. I would keep a small fuel bottle of jerry can just in case, but I think you'll be fine.

This ride is on my bucket list, so I look forward to hearing of your experience.
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Post by dennerin77 »

I was so excited to see your post! I just picked up a buddy 125 for an absolute steal over the weekend and was looking at info on the Trace yesterday. I moved to Nashville in May and have wanted to ride the Natchez Trace for years.

I found a few sites with info about riding it with some easy googling. 50 mph, no stop signs and beautiful. I actually rode in a car on it in 2012. I remember seeing that services are not directly on the road itself and had the same thought about carrying a small gas can.

Depending on how soon I get the scoot registered, I might do a short run out of Nashville This weekend or next. I will update anything I find out. My friend in Columbia,TN is trying to start a scooter club, so let me know when you come down!
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Post by EricV »

I live just off the trace. It's usually not heavy traffic, in part since there is no commercial traffic allowed. That said, no shoulder, 50 mph and you will need to plan your gas stops.

Still, all do-able and a beautiful ride with lots of stop opportunity to explore and learn about the history in the area.

It's only about 500 miles from Natchez to Pasquo along the Trace. Plenty of opportunities for camping and gas near the trace. You just need to consider how far you want to go and where there are places to stay/camp. Your Comfort May Vary. :D

I rode a 150cc Sym all around Egypt and wide open throttle most of the time, (9 days, 2500 miles). The Buddy will do ok, but a good going over before you start is a Good Ideaâ„¢.

A suggestion, pick up a National Parks passport and collect stamps along the way. It will slow you down a tad, but you'll have more fun and learn a lot, plus it gives you a reason to search out stamp locations just off the trace, like Tupelo National Battlefield and Colbert Ferry.

When you're done, you'll have completed an epic adventure and have the NP Passport as a great memory of it. (Might give you ideas for other places to ride to as well... )
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Post by rfman81 »

Hi, I road it on a buddy 125 several years ago when I lived in Nashville. ... chez+trace

You need a gas can definitely.
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Post by wheelbender6 »

Watch out for the logging trucks on the Trace. They are very slow and you don't want to get a piece of bark in your eyes.
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