Buddy 50 - Daytime Running Lights

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Buddy 50 - Daytime Running Lights

Post by rmhabeck »

Need to know how to activate the dead turn singles on the Buddy 50 front body. I know there is a wiring harness for Buddy's 125 and up but how would you hook up the lights on the Buddy 50...of course would switch out the amber directions for clear halogens. Many thanks
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Post by eggsalad »

I haven't studied the wiring diagrams for a 50, but I don't believe the lighting circuits of the scooter change significantly from a 50 to 125+. Check with the vendor of the kit.

HOWEVER... You can't "switch out the amber directions for clear halogens" for two reasons. First and most important is that halogen bulbs draw more current than tungsten bulbs - current your scooter's charging system is incapable of providing.

Second is that true halogen bulbs with a base that matches your existing B15s lamp sockets simply don't exist.

If you learn that the "deadlight" kit for the 125+ will indeed function on your 50, you'd be best suited to replace your existing amber bulbs with LED replacements. These will draw less current than your existing tungsten bulbs and be easier on the charging system.
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Post by tenders »

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Post by BayStateScooterist »

Recently installed the deadlight adapter kits sold by vendors listed via MB on my Buddies (125 & 150)! Swapped out the amber bulbs for LEDs. They should work for your Buddy 50 too.

Bought these LEDS: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BR ... UTF8&psc=1
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