LED Headlight for a Buddy 50

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LED Headlight for a Buddy 50

Post by jdlafley »

I get conflicting information on installing a LED headlight on my Buddy 50. Several people have it installed and several people say it cant be done?

If it can be done, where should I order it from and is there a video showing how to install?
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Post by tenders »

It can absolutely be done, there’s no trick to it as long as you have a light that fits. I’ve described it myself here as have many others.

Please start with this, searching for “led headlights� using the “all words� option:
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Post by Stanza »

It can be done, and it can't be done. Your results will depend on whether you get a cheap "DC Only" led h4 style bulb, which the AC lighting circuit on the buddy will fry in short order. If you get a better led bulb which is AC compatible, then the only thing you need to do from there is do some careful aiming, since the reflector in the buddy is focused and aimed for a halogen bulb, and your light pattern will be very different (same as those LED equipped cars that blind you on the road since their headlight housings were never aimed for LED bulbs).
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