Gas Coming out of Air Filter Compartment

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Gas Coming out of Air Filter Compartment

Post by PistolPete7390 »

My Scooter has been running great all summer. I road it last Wednesday and parked it until Monday when I went to ride it to work. I found gas underneath my scooter. I traced it coming out of the air filter compartment. When I went to start the scooter it ran rough and took a bit to get to a good idle. I shut it off and air dried the air filter. Looking at possible reasons this would have occurred??

Maybe my needle/float isn't sitting correctly in the carb and allowing fuel to flow through? There is no gas in the oil.

I've only ever had this happen once do to flooding because of a vapor lock issue and I solved that years ago. Find it kind of odd that this happened all the sudden. Looking to get my scooter back on the road ASAP.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Happy Riding!!!
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Post by ucandoit »

Same thing happened to me. Gas coming out the air filter (a lot), but also gas getting into the oil. For gas to flow like that, with the engine off, both the petcock and float have to have failed. I removed some debris from my carb. float bowl, and cleaned the carb., but still ended up changing the height of the float. I also replaced the petcock. I have not had good luck with the petcocks (there are times they get stuck, or something).
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