Stolen Scooters

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Stolen Scooters

Post by RunRun »

Stolen scooter I never knew their where so many scooter stolen. I went to a site name “Stolen Scooter Registry� that listed all kinds of scooter that was stolen. I think that reinforced me to keep a closer eye on my scooter. I don’t think I’ll leave it out anywhere I can’t see it.

It will only take a blink of an eye for it to disappear, so make sure all you new owners like me never wonder to far away and keep it in the garage at night.

Don Cobb
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Post by ericalm »

That's the site:

Good resource, though pray your scoot never shows up there.
It's ridiculously easy to steal a scoot, even with the seering locked and so on. Best method I ever heard: thieves lifting a scoot onto skateboards and wheeling it off. Best instance of thief idiocy: trying to jack a scoot and not knowing to flip the kill swicth to turn it on, so abandoning it and running off.
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