Philly Fairmount Area Riders

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Philly Fairmount Area Riders

Post by livrun »

Any body interested in putting together a group to represent the scooter riders from the Fairmount area? Being that I now see at minimum 12 rides parked and riding through my hood daily. You know a weekend meet up, long ride, and local eats sort of deal. Perhaps organizing and/or participating in the Philly and other national rally rides that go on. Another club rooted like the ©Hostile City Scooter Club.
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Post by BeachBuzz »

have you heard of The Wild Hogs Scooter Club - Philly chapter?
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Post by coffeebrown »

I would love that!!!!

I am from the U. City area but Fairmount is not so far away.
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Post by DanteG »

...suburban Philly here, just getting started, and down with the idea of group rides once I have a little more experience.
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