Bubby 170i power loss on extended rides

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Bubby 170i power loss on extended rides

Post by BigManTinyBike »

Hello fellow FI GY6 riders. I am having an issue with my bike. I regularly ride my bike across town to my friends house. Its about a 30 minute ride.

The last two times I have ridden the distance, my bike experienced a power loss and the "check engine" light has come on. While the light is on, the scooter has a high idle, and will slightly backfire right after letting off of the throttle. This happens while riding in the same direction(home).

Information about the ride/bike
1. The ride is 15 miles
2. The ride includes stop and go, as well as couple extended wide open throttle sections
3. Speeds along the route vary from as low as 30 to as high as 55 MPH.
4. The bike has 350 miles on it
5. I completed the first service on it at 250 miles, changing the engine oil and gear oil
6. The problem first occurred before the break in service, and has persisted after the change
7.The problem includes a noise that sounds like something is rattling loose, however I can not find anything loose and the noise is not present when running "normally"
8. I can turn the scooter off and then restart, and the "check engine" light is not on and the idle returns to normal
9. The problem has occurred in almost the exact same place, during wide open throttle
10. I live in Texas, where it is currently 100+ degrees during the day, and about 80 during the evenings. the ride back usually takes place in the evenings.

I know the bike is under warranty, however i am also aware that dealers/service shops have difficulty diagnosing intermittent problems. I also know that they will most likely not ride the bike for extended periods of time.

Any ideas? I really enjoy the bike, and want to ride a lot. As evidence, I have put 350 miles on it in about a month.
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Post by vintagegarage »

I'd ask why you are using wide open throttle before completing the break-in period, and also what octane gasoline you are using. Perhaps the rattle sound is pre-ignition from using too low an octane gasoline.. just a guess, and not a very good one at that.
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Post by DeeDee »

If you're doing this in 100 degree heat, and the engine is not broken in it is entering into limp mode. You are over taxing the engine and it is restricting itself to avoid internal damage. Things return to normal after you give the engine a break and let it cool down. That is, until you over tax it again.
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Post by Stanza »

Temperature protection. You are pushing the motor too hard. Need to run 93 octane, and avoid holding it pinned at full throttle for a long time. Remember, this is not a highway cruiser, it's geared for around town. It'll do 55, sure, but it's not meant to live there.
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Post by tenders »

I don’t know what the problem is, but a mere 15 mile run at any speed and temperature should not be triggering a limp mode unless it’s programmed to be extra-sensitive during the break in period. I think this is going to end up being a dealer problem.
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