2009 buddy 50 has a hard time restarting when warm

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2009 buddy 50 has a hard time restarting when warm

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hi guys!
i just biught a 2009 buddy 50 (6000 km) for 350$!!
a real steal in those time of covid :D
when i first went to see it at the ladies house,battery was done,he ran quite high on choke,went in the back alley for a test ride and after about a 1/4 miles he stopped....cranked it again,he started,waited a few sec.....and after 2 twist on the gas,he died again.he ran on idle
as soon as i tried to accelerate, he would almost stop.after 3 times he wouldnt even start
figured by that and what the lady said that the carb needed a good cleaning,probly the main jet since idling was not bad....or maybe a float adjustment(thanks to the members here!!been reading a lot)
and in fact the main jet was so clogged up it took me 40 min of trial and error to get it clean.i checked the float hight and it was at 3/4 of an inch but was parralel to the gasket seating so even if its sopposed to be 5/8, i gave it a try
cleaned a few connector here and there,plugged my rear original flasher back to act as nigt light.(tried the cleaned up carb before doin this) change the battery,adjust air/gas and idle.

the buddy started in 1/2 second, i was happy and impressed
the thing is.....now after chokes off and hes idling he will sometime slow down so much he will stop....very slowly,and if i stop for 5-10 min he wil not start until after 4-5 try ,i give him gas at the good time( yes i tried raising the idle).after that as soon as i go on the streets he good as new.
its not that bad.but i was wondering if there might be a bit of the original problem still remaining....im pretty new to all this .
learning as much as i can !!! :shock:
thanks guys!
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