I Blessed the Rains

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I Blessed the Rains

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There was no rain scheduled for a while, so I rode my scoot to work.
-As soon as I left the gate, it started raining a little.
After waiting through a few traffic lights, it was really effin raining. I had no rain suit with me.
-I was wearing a light nylon jacket and my helmet has a nice brim, like a ball cap would have.
Also, I had a medium wind shield mounted.
By keeping my head low, just high enough to see above the windshield, I splashed on into work without too much bother.
Then I realized, I Left My Work Computer AT HOME!
I got really soaked on the way back home to retrieve my brain.
Changed into dry clothes, grabbed my computer and took my Truck back to work.
I realized 3 good things about the Buddy 125 that day:
-the electrics and lights are very waterproof.
-The engine never sputtered once in all that rain.
-A windshield really helps a lot in the rain.
2013 Buddy 125, Prima Pipe, #95 main jet, Orange CDI
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