Elect system explanation and diagnostics

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Elect system explanation and diagnostics

Post by enottleson »

Hi folks. Can anyone give me an explanation of the 2005 2T elect system? I’ve heard it is primarily AC with some parts running DC - ??
Also, is there a general electric system diagnostic procedure? I.e., start at xx with a test light or VM, and then move to point yy, etc? These Stellas seem to be pretty robust electrically, but I would appreciate any pointers towards diagnosing a component or wiring failure.
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Re: Elect system explanation and diagnostics

Post by mjrally »

I'm just going off memory here, but I believe the ignition and headlight are powered off the AC system with the horn, turn signals, brake and tail running off the battery (DC).

The biggest failures i've found electrically with Stellas is in the wiring insulation itself. Seems to be weak/ crumble and cause headaches. Especially on the left handlebar where the wiring goes through the headset to the left hand switch (horn/ high/lo beam). On a positive, sheathing and soldering has been satisfactory.

I dont remember where I found it, but 2T wiring diagrams are out there for free on the internet.
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