Stella 4T, Carb & Exhaust

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Stella 4T, Carb & Exhaust

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I tried to revive and old post with the hopes that I can get some feedback. I found links too old and the posts are not valid anymore, hence the post.
For reference: Stella 150cc 4T (basically stock)

Looking to get just a little bit more w/o killing the poor engine. It's a fun ride and it's my daily commuter. Looking into upgrading carbs and exhaust, I wouldn't mind doing it in stages.

Giannelli, Pinasco Symphony, GPR or Sito Plus... All seem to be good from what I've gathered and what is available in the market.

This is where I need a bit of assistance because the Carbs like, Pinasco 21mm/Polini 22mm are discontinued. I read in an old thread that its simply a DellOrto or Mukini. If anyone has done the upgrade and can give some insight as to which model and parts needed to make it work especially the manifold. Any helpful hints as to what jets, idle and air mixtures setting so I have a basis to start with.. ?

Looking for ideas, so if anyone can chime in that would be great.

Lastly, stellaspeed forum is dead but was wondering if anyone archived the good stuff?

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