Early Oil Light?

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Early Oil Light?

Post by artistikim »

I drained the oil, inspected the mesh filter, and replaced the oil (15W-40 as per manual specs), and reset the oil light on the digital dash with the "Select" "Reset" button combo.

Now, 650 miles later, the oil light has come back on. The level is fine, but I have noticed a drop in power (These may be unrelated).

I thought this was only an oil-change reminder light that comes on every 1800 miles. Has anyone had it come on early like this?
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Post by babblefish »

650 miles is just a bit over 1000 kilometers which is the oil change interval suggested by PGO. This is mentioned in the owners manual, at least it is in mine. There is no oil level sensor in the engine so there would be no way for the instrument cluster to know anything about whats going on with the engine oil. Not sure about your drop in power though...how old is your oil filter?
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Post by chickdr »

On my 220, the oil light comes on after 1850 miles like clockwork. Change the oil every 1800, the oil filter every 3600....

I didn't think it came on for any other reason. Defective cluster?
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